Author’s Representative

In August 2007 William MacDonald wrote to some friends:


This month I want to introduce Andreas Lindner, the one who arranges for the translation and publication of the books in foreign languages. Andreas lives in Piding, Germany, with his wife, Lindi, and their children, Heidi (15), Lisa (14), and Simon (12).

As a young man Andreas spent four years with the local fire department. Then he became a paratrooper with the German army. But he wanted a rough, tough life like Jack London. So he organized expeditions through the Sahara. He risked his life for the adventure of it. But satisfaction eluded him.

The next move was to Northern Ontario where he became a fur trapper. He was following the call of the wild. He befriended a trapper who happened to be a Christian. This quiet man never shared the gospel by his lips but he did by his life. Andreas found what he had been seeking all along. He found the Lord.

Back in Germany, he fellowshipped with an assembly in Munich. In 1989 he and his wife came to the Discipleship Intern Training Program in San Leandro. In 1995 he was commended to the work of the Lord.

The next step was to serve with Fred Colvin, Christoph Hochmuth, and Christoph Blasl in starting a Discipleship Training Program in Salzburg, Austria. Since then over 100 promising young men have been trained and are serving in several countries of Europe.

In 2001 Andreas heard that I was having a hard time coping with the volume of work. He consulted with his German brethren and at their encouragement, offered to take over the translation work. This would be in addition to his work at the training program, his ministry in European assemblies, and his personal evangelism.

The work here has expanded under his ministry. He has had contacts that I knew nothing about. He has been a tremendous load-lifter for me.

Please pray for him and his family. They are special people.