Publisher`s Agreement

William MacDonald

C/O Andreas Lindner, Salzstr 10, D-83451 Piding, Germany



Publisher´s Agreement


Name of the book to be published:


Language in which it is to be published:


Name of the publisher:


Address of the publisher (including email, phone, fax):



The Publisher agrees that he will not make any changes in the title or text prior permission from the author´s representative.


Publisher agrees to keep all copyrights in the name of Christian Missions in Many Lands, Inc. PO Box 13, Spring Lake, NJ 07762; USA




Publisher agrees to publish book by (date):


Publisher has rights to the book as long as he keeps it in print. If he allows the book to go out of print for 18 months, the rights return to the author.


Publisher is not obligated to pay royalties to the author.


Publisher agrees to send a minimum of two copies of the book to the author`s representative.


Publisher sends an electronic version of the translation to the author.


Publisher offers an author´s discount of ______ %. to author or his representative.


Author keeps the possibility to supply a free electronic version of the book on the internet. Publisher has the right to sell electronic versions of the book.


Date: Signature of author’s representative



Date: Signature of publisher



Please return the completed form to

Andreas Lindner

Salzstr 10

D-83451 Piding



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