Prayer requests concerning the translation and publication of books by William „Bill“ MacDonald

Updated September 2011


Translation Work of Bill`s books:

Praise the Lord about continued interest to translate Bill`s books into various languages. Three publishers from India are interested to take on some titles and we pray for the Lord`s guidance concerning these translation projects.


Bill was very enthusiastic about the translation of his commentary into Hebrew and Greek.


Hebrew: We are looking to the Lord for guidance. We would need some able translators to get started.


Greek: Praise: The translation of the NT and the OT is finished in record time and has been published in the beginning of this year. Pray that the Lord will use it and that it will be spread. There are very few believers in Greece.


Indonesian. It was necessary to hand over the translation to a new team. Pray that they will make good headway and that the NT can be published this year.


Nepali: The translator in Nepal is very sick and the translation is going slow. Please pray for him.


Arabic: The translation of the OT Commentary is finished. Due to the turmoil in Egypt it could not yet be published. Please pray that the work can be finalized and that the book can be published soon. We want to make the Commentary available on the internet. This is important since in many Muslim countries people cannot get the books.


Iran: Praise: The NT and OT translation has been finished and is already available on the web. It will be printed in several volumes. The first volume contains the four Gospels and was published in August. 


Chinese: There are new print runs of the BBC in China again and again.


Czech: We pray for guidance to start the translation.


Italian: Praise that the NT has been translated and published. We pray for the completion of the OT translation.


Japanese. Pray for progress of the OT translation.


Tamil, Tajik, Telugu and Hindi: translators are working hard, pray for the Lord`s help.


Lithuanian: The translation of the NT has started. Please pray for progress.


Swahili: The translator is a lady who is bound to a wheelchair, her health is failing. She is pressing on with the translation. Please pray for her.


Croatian: The NT was published, the OT translation is on the way.


Urdu (Pakistan and India): The translation of NT and part of the OT (Genesis to Psalms) was finished in 2000. These were published and had several reprints. Not the missing books of the OT shall be translated (Proverbs to Malachi). The translation started in June 2011.